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Batch Rotary Table Cleaning Machine

The Master Orbit range of compact cleaning machines has been developed to provide fast and
efficient cleaning of manufactured components. Components are loaded on a basket that is
rotated by a motor and gearbox at constant speed regardless of the load whilst the cleaning and
drying is done with a fixed set of nozzles. Various models are available to suit various
component sizes.

  • Even and efficient cleaning
  • Low running cost
  • Most economical solution
  • Compact and ergonomically designed
  • ┬áPortable design, hence can be easily shifted anywhere
  • Suitable for general cleaning of different components in the same machine.

The Rotary table cleaning machine is very convenient design with a batch type process. Our
Batch Rotary table cleaning machine is a prominent type with rotational container inside the
clean chamber. In this type fixture design is done to accumulate different sizes of case. The basic
design feature in the case cleaning machine is washing & drying done in one chamber without
clamping of the case. Place the case in the rotary table press the push button door closes
automatically. The spray & basket rotation starts inside the plastic case washing machine
chamber and after washing drying is done by hot air with special high pressure air blower.