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High-Pressure Cleaning Machines

In High-Pressure Cleaning Machines spray pressure between 100 to 500 is used to achieve very
high level of cleanliness standards. These deburring machines can be single or multi-process
machines. High-pressure spray is through a robot assisted nozzle or a fixed/moving set of special
nozzles. Spray pressure is programmed to strike a balance between higher level cleaning and
lower energy consumption.

  • Allows automobile components to meet strict pollution control norms
  • Precise cleaning possible even for intricate geometries
  • Spray is able to access difficult to reach cavities
  • Can remove sticky contaminants
  • ¬†Economical solution

Master Handlers High pressure component cleaning system is designed also for immersion
washing with aqueous cleaners. This type has the ability to carry out dirt removal through
submerged spraying using a high-pressure and small-flow rate jet. This is done from 20 bar to
5oo bar pressure depends upon the component construction requirement. When a water jet is
sprayed under water, it has to defeat with the resistance from the surrounding water, and this
highly reduces the strength of the jet but spraying has the result of creating cavitations between
the jet and its surrounding water. In submerge industrial component washing is done in order to
use the washing power created by the cavitations.