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Robotic Cleaning Machines

These industrial parts Washing machines are developed for cleaning in specific areas of a
component, which are hard to access for other spray nozzles. Very precise and high level of
cleaning is possible. These cleaning machines make use of Robots for handling the component
against fixed set of nozzles or handling the single/ multiple spray nozzles against fixed
components. The Robotic washing machine is programmed to adjust the nozzle angle for
cleaning in the specific area of component e.g. cavities, tapped holes, cross-holes, etc. Special
designed robot suitable for cleaning application is used. Component pick and place with Robot
assist can be offered as an option.

  • Reduces energy consumption in high-pressure spray applications
  • Enables reach into deep cavities & access to complex geometries
  • Provides ability to test & optimize cleaning efficiency
  • Lowers cycle time (e.g. < 50s for cylinder block) &amp; high production volumes are achievable
  • Different types of nozzles (via tool changer) &amp; motions can be used
  • High flexibility with respect to variation in components or changes in process
  • Target wash lowers usage of cleaning agent &amp; water.