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Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines

These cylinder head washing machines are batch type cleaning machines designed to achieve
high precision cleanliness specifications on metal parts. The parts to be cleaned are immersed in
a bath containing Ultrasonic transducers. A phenomenon called as Cavitation and implosion as a
result of ultrasonic activity crated by transducers and the high frequency generator, displace and
remove loosely held fine contaminants such as dust from surfaces. These machines are available
in front load/ unload or through feed type design.. Machines with multi-process dip type cleaning
requirement are provided with automated gantry type pick & place system

  • ¬†Used for cleaning of parts like watches, surgical instruments, cylinders, etc.
  • ¬†Suitable for stringent cleanliness specifications especially for fine contaminants
  • Either front load/unload or through feed type design
  • Single or multi-process cleaning possible
  • Suitable for heavy components and dip-type cleaning process.